I’m an avid fan of all things related to the old west – movies, books, games, music, you name it. I like learning about it and I like imagining it, and I try to (appropriately as the situation allows) dress the part every day, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I went to film school to be a video editor, so I suppose this was just part of the territory.

I’m also a moderate gamer. I run a western themed pathfinder game every week and enjoy finding new, fun board games to play with my friends. I’m a big fan of cyberpunk, fantasy, and Lovecraftian settings. I like to design gaming computers, though I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and play video games, or the money to get newer ones. Humble Bundle and Steam Sales have become my habit feeders.

I’m a fairly recent, but by no means small, fan of post apocalyptic stories. I attend Wasteland Weekend every year since Wasteland Weekend IV. 2015 will be my first year with a new tribe I’m forming, the Dust Reapers.

Recently I’ve started gardening. I like to cook food that is bad for me.

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