WarMart and Wasteland Prep

With five months left to Wasteland Weekend, my tribe (the Dust Reapers) is rapidly collecting all of our costume, camp, and prop pieces. This year we have eleven or so new members coming out with us, and we want everyone to be in theme for both the event and our tribe.

My outfit draws influences from a couple places. It began my first Weekend on the idea of a member of the Assassin’s Guild in a post-apocalypse universe. The next year, I created a new hood based off of Connor’s, added a leather vest in the form of a medium Levi Leather jacket with the arms ripped off, and a pauldron with my (now old) tribe’s logo on it. I added a pair of chaps created from a leather long coat and a sweet revolver belt buckle for a bit of a gunslinger flair. This year I’m adding a legit gunbelt and replica Colt 1873 revolver.

Some friends and I took a trip down to the CamoSurplus/WarMart event last week – basically a large two story warehouse with piles of military crap all over the place. Seriously, piles. There was more stuff than I could look at in the time I was there. I walked out with a bale of green military jackets raffled off for one dollar.

California DonutsIt also gave me time to visit Fat Sal’s and California Donuts – if there’s one thing I do miss about LA a lot, it’s the variety of foods and how you can make a restaurant that sells any combination of edibles and there’ll probably be a market. I’m seeing a lot more of Los Angeles now that I don’t live there.

Moving forward, I’m making a “respirator” which will actually serve as a camelbak housing and modding some nerf guns this month, as well as a couple of camp props – a cooler, a chair, a cot – and a few other things. Updates coming here, and on the Dust Reapers blog once I get a chance to update it.


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